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01. I forgot to someone to bring refreshments.
02. It is that all supervisors attend Thursday's meeting.
03. Everyone is present today, so we can skip the .
04. The role of treasurer was decided based on the chairman's .
05. We need to for a new vice chairperson now that Tom is retiring.
06. The for buying tickets to the conference is June 23th.
07. Let's review the from last month before we begin with today's meeting.
08. The to extend store hours has been passed.
09. From the it appears that everyone is in favor of taking a short break.
10. Please forward the to anyone who is speaking at the meeting.
11. The vote was to cut work hours on Fridays.
12. As it is my pleasure to introduce Mr. John Malvis to you.
13. I'm pleased that we were able to cover all of the within the designated time.
14. We need to come up with a that will allow us to have meetings less frequently.