Anweisungen: Füllen Sie die Lücken aus mit: make oder do in der richtigen Form. Verwenden Sie den “Hint” Button, um einen Buchstaben zu bekommen.

01. I'm an engineer. What do you ?
02. I’ll be back late. I'm going to the shopping.
03. I just can’t find the time to the accounts. I'm way behind with my work.
04. I'd like you to an effort.
05. Do you like this skirt? I it myself.
06. I didn't win the competition but I my best.
07. I’m enquiries about flights to Miami.
08. I know you want to help but you are more harm than good.
09. Could you me a favour?
10. Is there anywhere I could a phone call?
11. I don't see how we can a profit in this market.
12. Someone has to a decision.
13. What should we now?
14. I don't usually go to parties but in this case I will an exception.
15. If you set up a business, it's generally to money.
16. I can't give the answer right away. I'll have to some research.
17. I'm very pleased with the result. You a great job!
18. You'll have to work hard if you want to progress.
19. Stop fun of my accent - it's not my fault!
20. It doesn't have to be perfect - just your best.
21. I've got a toothache. I'm going to ring the dentist to an appointment.
22. It's not easy to business with people of different nationalities.