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It's IT - company profile

It’s IT is a medium-sized company that provides professional and cost-effective solutions to your small business and home PC computing problems. We have a lot of know-how and work-experience in system analysis, networking, technical training, software development and
Internet services.

It’s IT is a provider of reliable IT solutions for any small business. With us you can have influence on the development of your product. Therefore we will stay in close contact throughout the project, i.e. project planning, project implementation, project control, and troubleshooting. Our products are made to suit the individual needs of our customers.

It’s IT is well-known for delivering high-quality services. Our company has a record of successful software projects and products development since its foundation in 1990. Our solutions use object-oriented programming, combined with an innovative approach to the design of graphical user interfaces.

It’s IT is based in Hannover with branches in Munich, Dresden and Hamburg. A total of 73 employees work for It’s IT. 62 of these are full-time staff members, six work part-time and five are trainees. Currently, we also have ten free-lance programmers working for us. We always have vacancies for motivated people with high IT skills, no matter whether they are networking, programming or other IT specialists.

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1. A ……… solution is that it gives you good value for your money
4. A ………. product is sold very often
5. A person who writes software
6. GUI is short for graphical user……..
9. Here you can find web-sites
10. When you go to a restaurant, you expect a good………
11. Someone who offers a service to his customers
12. Computers connected to each other


2. The year of ……. is the year when a company started its business
3. A person that uses a computer
7. A person to whom a company wants to sell something
8. A company that is neither large nor small