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The object


The object has three parts - a vee block (1), a clamp (2) and a screw (3). The vee block is 80mm , 60mm and 50mm . There is a vee in the top of the block and another in the base. The of the vee in both cases is 90°. There is a slot in the bottom of each vee 2mm x 2mm and larger slots in the sides for the clamp. The material for the block, clamp and screw is steel (MS).

The clamp


The drawing shows the front and end elevations and the plan of the clamp. The overall of the clamp is 99mm; its is 65mm. The of the hole for the screw is 8.5mm. The of the material is 20mm.

The screw


The screw has a knurled head. Its overall is 70mm. The screw is M10 x 1.5, which means that the outside is 10mm and the pitch is 1.5mm. The core diameter of the screw is the same as the diameter of the in the clamp.