<center><b>Nominative, Accusative, and Dative: When to Use Them</b></center>

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When metal is processed by removing material in the form of chips, this is called a cutting process. Different kinds of tools can be used to cut material.
Depending on the type of job, you can use hand tools such as a cold chisel or a file, or machine tools.
Machine tools are more suitable for finer cutting processes than hand tools.
The machine tools which are most commonly used in cutting processes are the lathe, the milling machine and the grinding machine.

The instructor has given John and Mary a practical exercise to make a base plate.
First John and Mary cut a metal plate to a length of 400 mm and a width of 500 mm.
After that they work the metal plate to a length of 385 mm with the precision of a tenth of a millimeter and with four right angles.
This part of the job is started with a roughing file and continued with a finishing file.
The plate has four right angles and these are checked with a square after the edges have been deburred with a file.
When this task is finished, John and Mary mark four holes with a diameter of 5 mm in each corner of the metal plate.
They use a scriber for this part of the job. Then they center punch the marks and are ready to drill the holes with a twist drill.
Finally, they countersink the holes with a countersunk drill.